15 Ways To Save Money

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June 10, 2018

15 Ways To Save Money

15 ways to save money , be more productive when starting or running your business

It’s a no brainier that any smart business man or women would want to save money when doing business.

As someone who has been in business for 18 years, i remember how difficult often times it was trying to figure out best ways to save money and help my business to grow.

Well thankfully we now live in an age of phenomenal access to information and digital products, software etc that can help you do just that.

In this blog, we take a look at various platforms from, community, increasing your productivity , finding talent without running an entire payroll, and opportunities to take your business with you anywhere in the world.

One quick heads up, it is always advisable to reach out to a company and ask if they would be willing to offer you a deal, why would i do that i hear to ask, well have you ever heard the saying if you don’t ask, you don’t get? With 18+ years experience learned pretty quickly that you will never know what you can have unless you ask! So do ASK!

Below I’d like to share with you some free to virtually very little cost resources and tools that can help you get started and grow your business. Don’t forget to comment below how you have found any particle tool or resources. Likewise, if there are any others that you us, then we would welcome you to again share it with us.

  1. Scheduling appointments/meetings: It is important to show your business is professional and also save yourself a lot of time emailing or making a thousand and one calls to book one meeting/appointment. If this sound like you, then look no further, check out Calendly.com
  2. boomeranggmail.com this cool software allows you to take full control of when you send and receive emails. Productivity never looked this good!
  3. youcanbook.me also provides you with simple online scheduling fo your team and clients too.
  4. Dropbox.com is a cloud based Storage system that lets you save files and have access literally anywhere n the world. You get a whopping 2GB of storage free.
  5. Google Drive : It’s not all bad news having a google email, best you do get some perks with that. You get a free 5GB of storage free with Drive and also your documents such as PowerPoints, word etc created in google docs is free and does not even out toward your free allocation.
  6. Next up is a free conferencing and collaboration tool that creates a boneless space to allow anyone to connect with you, no need to make truck calls to Antarctica , check out freeconferencecall.com
  7. Another solid platform to make cross border conference calls is uberconfrence.com, it requires no pin , no downloads , just opportunity to have effect meetings.
  8. If you are into video conference calls/meeting that require you to present to your audience etc, you can count on zoom.us you can run meetings for up to 10 people for 45 minutes for free.
  9. Need to manage your relationship with your clients? You definitely need a CRM system , if you are a non fo profit you can get at zero cost a CRM from salesforce.com
  10. To recruit for your business you can post your opening for 1000’s of people to see on info.idealist.org
  11. Another great resource to post your vacancies is indeed.com, you can get 30 day free job posting
  12. We also found techsoup.com which provides discounted software to non profits, you can even get some online training to help y master networking, windows office applications etc.
  13. If you are a woman in business, then you can join for EBW2020’s global open community where you can get access to free resources, trainings etc to help your startup or business www.ebw2020.com/globalcommunity
  14. Any business can benefit hugely from digital talent however the difficulty is always finding the right ones, well fiverr.com offers freelance digital talents each for five dollars
  15. upwork.com also is a great resource where you can hire services such as marketing, social media management, setting up your website etc

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